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BLOOM is rooted in a simple question "Why are there so very few girls DJs on the local scene?". The more answers we sought, the more reasons and real problems we found without any clear answer, that have been addressed both locally and internationally.

Our focus is not on problems, but on solutions. And for us, the solution is BLOOM.

The project aims to support and promote women in the music industry through diverse and accessible means for anyone who wants to work in this field, no matter what job they dream of: singer, producer, DJ, event planner, artist manager, song writer, graphic designer, and any other professional categories related to the music industry.

Under this initiative we will run multidisciplinary projects that aim to help us achieve our goals through online and offline activities that facilitate networking. We generate initiatives that support the sharing of knowledge and experiences in the community. We accept everyone and include in our projects any passionate person who wants to become a member.


Our mission is basically built on a social issue approached from the perspective of an industry we understand the most: The music industry and the clubbing scene.


Equality and inclusion Bloom supports and promotes any individual who identifies with the female gender in Romania and beyond.


We celebrate the progress of the industry and individuals who identify with the female gender, without discriminating or producing gender inequality. We support and encourage the joining of all those passionate about this industry.


Bloom aims to eliminate discrimination, violence and abuse in public and private settings related to the music and entertainment industry, thus contributing to building a safer environment for female-identifying individuals (again as zice women) working in the industries in which the project operates.

Protecting the rights and interests of women in the music industry

Bloom aims to promote and protect, through its own means or through association with other movements with common values, the rights and responsibilities of all individuals who identify with the female gender, in order to promote equal opportunities.


Project supported by Asociația Retina Timpan



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